About Birds Nest

About Bird's Nest

Bird's nest is a widely recognized health food that provides the body with protein and anti-oxidants

For centuries, it has been used as a medical remedy, a beauty enhancer and even as a nutritional supplement.

Bird's nest can stimulate cell division and skin growth, thus improving regeneration of cells and boost the immune system. It is widely known to restore and enhance organ functions, and overall health.

It is suitable for everyone

Suitable for Ladies


Promotes radiant complexion and prevent the effects of aging if taken regularly

Suitable for Gentlemen


Strengthens the kidneys and lungs. Revitalize the body.

Suitable for the Elderly


Relieves coughs. Strengthens internal body functions and improves appetite.

Suitable for Children


Increases the body's immunity.

Suitable for Expectant Mothers

Expectant Mothers

Enhances the immunity of the fetus and speeds up mother's recovery after delivery if taken during pregnancy.

SKY Bird's Nest

Bird's nests are actually quite absorbent and tend to easily absorb dirt and chemical elements from their surroundings. That is why the environment is one of the most crucial factors which can affect the quality of a bird nest.

At SKY Bird's Nest, all our swiftlet houses are designed, built and maintained in-house

Only abandoned bird's nests are harvested to ensure sustainable bird's nest farming. Swiftlet and eggs are undisturbed.

All SKY Bird's Nests are harvested on a routine basis and cleaned in a hygienic environment to ensure the utmost quality and cleanliness to our customers.

Bird's Nest and Nitrite: Is it safe?

One of the concerns raised about the safety of bird's nest consumption is the level of nitrite in them.

Nitrite is a naturally occurring chemical compound present in birds' saliva, and to that extent, even human's saliva. Nitrite is basically converted from nitrate, which is part of the natural nitrogen cycle and is found in air, soil, water and food. For example, the naturally occurring nitrite level in carrots ranges from 2 to 23 ppm, eggplant 7 to 49 ppm, lettuce 8 to 215 ppm, etc. Apart from naturally occurring nitrite, there are additives such as sodium nitrate that are added to food such as bacon and ham for preservation, colouring purposes and the prevention of bacterial growth.

There were a few cases where high nitrite was found in red bird's nest. This could be either formed naturally or added by merchants during processing in an attempt to turn white bird's nest into red bird's nest in order to fetch a higher price.

At SKY Bird's Nest, we are committed to our money-back guarantee of 100% genuine bird's nest with no bleaching chemicals, artificial colouring or preservatives. We stand by our quality and send our bird's nest to accredited third-party laboratory for testing and verification routinely.

Certificate of Analysis - Nutrition Facts
Certificate of Analysis - Sodium and Nitrite

The nitrite analysis in the most recent lab test for Premium Bird's Nest is only 4.9 ppm.

When you purchase SKY Bird's Nest, you can be rest assured you are buy 100% bird's nest only without any additives, preservatives or colouring.